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Dr. Herring has been providing excellent dental care to patients from Prunedale, North Monterey County and beyond for 35 years.  As a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and as the son of a dentist, he has always been a part of the dental world.  


He takes pride in the fact that he knows how to create beautiful smiles, comfortably.  "Dentistry today is more than fillings and cleanings - it is a big part of a person's total health.  An unhealthy mouth leads to poor nutrition, an unbalanced diet, weight gain, heart disease and social isolation.  There is a huge link between a healthy, beautiful smile and a person's energy level and self-esteem," says Dr. Herring, "And with the advances in dental materials and techniques, smiles have never looked better."


To bring the latest advances in dental health to Prunedale and the Monterey/Salinas area, Dr. Herring has taken advanced training in orthodontics (braces for children, teens, adults), dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and smile design.  He has lectured internationally for Progressive Orthodontic Seminars - a cutting-edge training program for dentists.  He participates in Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry study groups on a continuing basis.


Most of all, he wants you to have the greatest dental experience ever, in a friendly office where your questions will be answered by helpful people with a can-do attitude.


Give us a call today and start on your journey to a fantastic smile!  We are your trusted and original Prunedale Dentist!


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