Dr. Kevin Herring


Dr. Kevin Herring embarked on a fulfilling dental career inspired by his father, a children's dentist, with whom he worked as an assistant during summers. This experience provided invaluable insights into the rewarding and enjoyable aspects of dentistry.

Since 1986, Dr. Herring has been dedicated to transforming smiles and promoting oral health.

His areas of expertise include cosmetic and esthetic dentistry, adult orthodontics, implant placement and restoration, as well as full and partial dentures.

What sets his practice apart is not just his extensive experience but also the collective wisdom of his hygienists and office manager, ensuring painless care with affordable plans.

Dr. Herring takes pride in alleviating dental problems that impact overall health and relationships. Recognized with the USC Dean's Award for Excellence, he is an active member of the American and California Dental Associations. Committed to community well-being, he educates patients on preventive measures and nutrition.

His the practice stands out by prioritizing patient choices over upselling, ensuring individualized, optimal treatment plans.


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